January 6 2014:  Take A Tip From Mother Nature: Slow Down & Stay Present

Like many of us, I am all for thinking up resolutions in preparation for the New Year. I love feeling fresh, envisioning goals, creative planning, you name it. After a very happy and celebratory NYE with some of my closest friends in Boston, I was eager to start checking things off the to-do list the next day (read more…)

December 16 2013: Bite Size Belief: Enhance Your Senses, Enhance Your Being

Enhance your senses! Vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste – these are the five senses of human nature, that we often forget are gifts. Today, I treated myself to some beautiful and bright flowers, created a new yoga playlist, (read more…)

October 1 2013: 5 Ways to Ensure A Brighter Morning

When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? If your go-to response is “uggghhh,” “nooo,” or perhaps “scared by the number of emails I’m about to encounter” then it’s time to redesign your morn! When our response to the morning is filled with a looming sense of discontent, this can cloud the positive and joyful potential the A.M. can have. (read more…)

June 7 2013: Only Here

Below is a poem I wrote while abroad in Dakar, Senegal. I felt compelled to share it here as it reminds us to be present where we are, to listen to the calling of our bodies and to root ourselves in the moment with thoughtfulness, breath and serenity. (read more…)