January 9 2014: Are You Being Authentically You? {New Video}

Okay guys – I am admittedly a total rookie at “vlogging” but wanted to create the space to share an offering with you in a fun, informative and interactive way. This video introduces my “Three Minutes of Thoughtfulness,” a concise video series which will share anything from yoga sequences to mantras to thought-provoking concepts and ideas. (read more…)


November 29 2013: Thanksliving 

This year, Thanksgiving has struck me in a different way than previous years. I have always enjoyed this holiday as it has made space for family to come together, enjoy delicious food, kick back and relax. “Transitioning” has been the word to sum up the last several months for me – it has been a period filled with personal development, excitement, spiritual growth and fear (to name a few). Through this, I realized what a beautiful opportunity Thanksgiving provides us with. (read more…)

September 21 2013: Bite-Size Belief: Enjoying the Goodness of Strangers 

Yesterday, I was making my way through the city on the crosstown bus. The cheerful bus driver was using the microphone to converse with commuters “How are you doing today?” “Have you said hello to your neighbor? Say hi and smile!” I couldn’t help but laugh and smile to myself over this sweet man. (read more…)

September 14 2013: Bite-Size Belief: When You’re Not “Living Your Yoga”

Confession: This week I have not been living my yoga – with plans to relocate as the search to find a new home continues, I have been incredibly stressed. My week has been filled with self-doubt, a poor eating schedule, hustle and bustle and very little time on my mat. I have felt scatter brained and ungrounded. Why am I sharing this here on a platform for promotion of health and happiness? (read more…)